Putin Criticizes The West

In the midst of what Russia refers to as a special military operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his first address to the nation in more than a year that his country would do whatever it took to prevail. Putin claimed that in response to Moscow’s attempts at negotiation, the West used hypocrisy and NATO expansion to start the war. He claimed that Russia is employing force to prevent the West from achieving its objective of unrestricted power. According to Putin, the Special Operation was started to defend the Russian Federation and eradicate the threat posed by the Nazis.

Putin made public assistance announcements and claimed that despite Western sanctions, Russia’s economy remained strong. Outside opponents, though, disputed the Russian president’s story. Putin’s lengthy speech was intended to reassure the domestic audience and warn world powers, including by announcing the suspension of Russia’s participation in the START nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States. Putin claimed that the West had planned to send nuclear weapons to Ukraine before the invasion.

Putin declared that Russia will go to all lengths to win and unveiled a special fund to aid the families of service members and veterans. He wanted to reassure his followers that the information they were receiving from the West was false. There is no denying that the effects of the war are starting to be felt by the population as it continues through the one-year mark. While hundreds of members of Russia’s political and military elite attended his speech on the condition of the nation, security was stepped up in Moscow.

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