I Know “Real Power”

Joe Biden Highlights The Significance Of The Divine Nine

President Joe Biden delivered a heartfelt speech on the celebrations of Black History Month, highlighting the significance of the Divine Nine in African American history. In his address, he expressed his gratitude towards the presidents who were present and thanked them for their contributions to society.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the Divine Nine is a term used to describe the nine historically Black Greek-letter organizations. These organizations were established between 1906 and 1963, and they have played an essential role in shaping African American culture and history. They have also been a significant force in promoting leadership, service, and activism within the Black community.

President Biden acknowledged the power of the Divine Nine, stating, “I know real power when I see it, the Divine Nine.” His remark drew applause from the audience, indicating that they too recognized the impact of these organizations.

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He talked fondly about his time spent organizing and campaigning at Delaware State during his time as a candidate in Delaware as he finished his speech. He made reference to how he perceived African history and culture as enhancing all aspects of American life. Because it is ingrained in the soul of the country, its cultural wealth cannot be forgotten.

The president highlighted that “It’s Who We Are, it matters” and used the gospel music as an example. “We’ve traveled too far from our starting point. I don’t think he took me this far to leave me; no one said the journey would be simple.”

He acknowledged that the path to progress has not always been straightforward, but it is crucial to keep in mind who we are as a country. “Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is beyond our ability because we are the United States of America. Happy Black History Month, everyone! May God richly bless you “Finally, he said.

The president’s speech served as a timely reminder of the value of cooperation as well as the need of acknowledging and celebrating African history. Additionally, it emphasized the Divine Nine’s significance to the African American community and their influence on American history and society.

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The Divine Nine have played a significant role in elevating Black community engagement, service, and leadership. They made substantial social contributions that influenced American history. Their impact and influence are demonstrated by the president’s recognition of their significance.

In addition to honoring Black heritage, President Biden’s speech included a call to action. It served as a reminder that we must keep fighting for unity and progress while never losing sight of the achievements made by our forebears.

Let’s keep the president’s remarks in mind as we continue to honor Black History Month and keep striving for a better future. Let’s recognize the value of solidarity and the necessity of honoring and celebrating African heritage. Let’s recognize the contributions made by the Divine Nine and everyone else who has influenced American history.

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