Zelensky’s Plan for Peace

Zelensky’s Plan for Peace Talks with China and India Amidst Russia-Ukraine War

President Zelensky is looking at fresh options for mediation as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia approaches its second year. China and Saudi Arabia both presented peace proposals, but the West rejected the latter. Zelensky has stated a willingness to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the strategy, nevertheless.

India has also been encouraging Russia not to use nuclear weapons through covert diplomacy. The United States has communicated with Russia through its top diplomat, but it has also requested that other nations, including China and India, communicate with Moscow directly to show their opposition to the use of nuclear weapons. Zelensky has been put in charge of deciding when Ukraine will halt fighting and begin negotiations with Russia while Europe continues to debate the best course of action.

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Zelensky’s management, however, has come under scrutiny in light of recent developments in Ukraine. Top officials were removed from office, including Edward Moscale, Ukraine’s top commander, who had been in charge of the Joint Forces since March 2022. With Russia concentrating on the east, specifically in Bahamut, and claiming to have achieved gains while Ukraine maintains that it has driven back, Ukraine’s soldiers are already in a disadvantageous position. Zelensky’s terminations, apparently due to allegations of corruption, have prompted inquiries about his timing and messaging.

Despite this, the West continues to support the conflict and has started supplying Ukraine with more lethal weapons and assistance, including tanks from Poland. Although if China’s position on the Ukrainian problem is to support peace talks and strive for a political solution, Zelensky is still hoping to speak with China. Zelensky wishes to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss his peace plan, but the two have not spoken since the start of the war.

With French President Macron visiting China in April to seek its assistance in persuading Russia to put an end to the war and prevent the deployment of nuclear weapons, China’s role in the Ukrainian situation is expected to grow. Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus and a Putin friend who has let Russian military to operate in Belarus, is also scheduled to visit China soon. Russia and China both intend to travel there.

Jake Sullivan, America’s National Security Advisor, has issued warnings in response to Zelensky’s desire to communicate with China and India as well as China’s expanding role in the crisis. According to Sullivan, the US is closely monitoring China and has already sanctioned some Chinese companies for allegedly aiding Russia in escalating the conflict. The West worries that further Chinese weapons will only be used to attack cities and murder civilians.

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